Come join our team at Yahoo Media

Yahoo Media delivers delightful, inspiring and entertaining daily-habit experiences to over half a billion people worldwide. As the number one destination in news, sports, finance and entertainment, we handle more traffic than any other site in the U.S.

Delivering compelling, informative, and relevant content to so many people quickly and beautifully at scale is a huge challenge. We use everything from big data (Hadoop and other grid/cloud technologies) to cutting edge HTML5/CSS/JS to build experiences at a level of complexity few companies do.

If you eat, sleep and breathe web technologies, if you learn new technologies like Node.js, HTML5 or CSS3 because you can’t help yourself, then we need you to come help us build the next generation of Yahoo sites.

The Role: Front End Engineer (Technical Yahoo)

As a Front End Software Engineer at Yahoo, you will specialize in building high performance, scalable, cross-browser compatible, accessible and elegant web applications with HTML5, CSS3, JS and other technologies.  You will work hand in hand with world-class teams of other software engineers and architects as well as backend engineers, cloud data experts and computer scientists to build amazing and emotional experiences that will delight our users.

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Want more details? Read on!


  • Build next generation applications for desktop and mobile browsers with an emphasis on emotional experiences and constant attention to scalability, performance, accessibility and cross-browser compatibility.

  • Partner with Product Management and User Experience Design to redesign and implement user interfaces.


  • You have at least two years of experience in web development and frontend engineering.

  • HTML semantics and accessibility guidelines for the web are natural to you. You take pride in the markup you write and love talking about the benefits of semantic markup all around.

  • You are a strong follower of progressive enhancement. Stuff that you make works regardless of JavaScript being enabled, lack of modern browsers, during all seasons and weather conditions.

  • You have a strong command over CSS. You know how to employ the minimal amount of CSS rules to bring just about any design to life.

  • You are aware of browser nuances, incompatibilities and most things that can go wrong when it comes to CSS. You know the hacks, the costs and the tradeoffs to make layouts stick to your command across all browsers.

  • You know how to use JavaScript at times to get things done. You at least know when to use it and when not to.

  • You are comfortable with at least one server side technology - PHP, Node.js, for example.  You know your way around HTTP, how the web works and how that browser is able to fetch and display pages.

  • You love tuning performance and making things faster.

  • You have experience in building rich client side interactions using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You know JavaScript, not just jQuery or YUI.

  • You can find your way home if left alone in Unix/Linux.

  • Not to mention, you are customer-focused, react well to changes, work with teams and able to multi-task on multiple products and projects.


Good to have:

  • Experience with server side JavaScript.

  • Experience with Scrum, Agile and all processes that ship software faster.

  • B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent (e.g. 2+ years work experience or IED/HID degree).

Still sounds good? Get in touch with Tony (, Alex ( or Mark ( to get started.